Senior Healthcare Centers

Problem: With age, people need more help and protection to avoid physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Especially people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Some key challenges include mobility, better visual perception, stress levels, preventing accidents and managing the resulting labor, time and costs, as well as interrupted sleep patterns and patient independence. Along with the patient, family members and friends are also affected by how a patient experiences their care.

Colors for Health™ is the strategic use of color to serve specific, functional purposes in residential, health care, and commercial environments. Its use as a judicious, tactical asset to promote health, wellness, and independence is integral to its purpose. And because it reduces both accidents and day-to-day stress among seniors and patients, Colors for Health also eases tensions among caregivers while helping contain or reduce the costs of care, medicines, housing, and even insurance.

Consider the design work involved with creating an assisted living facility. There are many construction issues and details to consider when designing for Alzheimer’s patients. Along with large details, such as clear delineation of various room, room size, and room services, there are many small details that must be attended to, like wall and floor colors, clear delineation of light switches, floor patterns, size and shapes of plates, colors of blankets, cabinet handles, etc. Emphasis should be given to using strategic color placement in conjunction with good lighting conditions and safe design to create environments that support patient independence and lessen patient stress or confusion. Strategic color design can prevent accidents, save staff labor and time, and reduce insurance claims.

This is where knowing when, where, and how to apply contrasting or bolder, saturated colors to create a safe environment that supports independence is a priority. Colors for Health promotes patient independence and well-being, while saving on labor and financial costs of caregivers and care centers. Colors for Health work with other design methods to create living and care environments that offer better visual perception, more patient independence, happier emotional experiences, reduced patient stress from confusion and, ultimately, labor and time savings for caregivers and care centers.

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