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Whether it’s you as a senior or family member who is caring for a senior, it is often difficult to comprehend how many “little” details are involved in making life safe and accessible for a senior.  It goes beyond the pattern of an area rug or the height of a lounge chair. This is about manageability. This is about making seniors and their caregivers less susceptible to the often hidden challenges of daily life. So Colors for Health wants to know YOUR wish list. What “little” thing do you think could be handled better? We invite you to submit your feedback.  Remember, the focus is on what would make life a little better and safer for seniors and only reasonable requests will be shared.

Colors for Health would like to be the first to start this wish list.  When a senior gets a minor scrape or cut, they often reach for a bandage to cover it.  The problem, however, is opening the bandage. Often, the wrapper that a bandage comes in has tabs so tiny and ungraspable, it is frustrating or impossible for a senior to open them. They may have to get scissors, ask someone else to open the bandage, or give up entirely, leaving them feeling agitated and vulnerable.

Colors for Health wishes a bandage could be designed with easy-open tabs so that seniors can use them easily and without frustration.

So, what’s on your wish list?


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