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Problem: Caregivers, assisted living residences, rehabilitation centers, architectural firms that specialize in designing rehabilitation or senior centers, attorneys who specialize in senior issues could all benefit from being educated about how to create environments that encourage wellness while reducing stress and accidents. Whether you are a health care business or an individual caring for a senior, this is an opportunity to learn how to use strategic color design to create safer, more supportive living and caring environments.

Colors for Healthâ„¢ is the strategic use of color to serve specific, functional purposes in residential, health care, and commercial environments. Its use as a judicious, tactical asset to promote health, wellness, and independence is integral to its purpose. And because it reduces both accidents and day-to-day stress among seniors and patients, Colors for Health also eases tensions among caregivers while helping contain or reduce the costs of care, medicines, housing, and even insurance.

Learn strategic ways to use color in conjunction with design to ensure independence and wellbeing. Live secure knowing steps have been taken to help a senior maintain independence and wellbeing, rather than hinder the process. Live with ease because steps have been taken to prevent accidents.

This is where strategic use of color benefits everyone. Knowing when, where, and how to apply contrasting or bolder, more saturated colors to create a safer environment that supports independence is a priority. Colors for Health understands and promotes patient independence and well-being, while helping caregivers and care centers reduce costs and labor. Colors for Health work with other design methodologies to create living environments that offer better visual perception, greater patient independence, happier emotional experience, less patient stress for confusion and, ultimately, labor and time savings for care providers and care centers.

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