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Strategic color design in bedrooms can provide better visual perception, reduce stress and support independence.
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Strategic color can support visual clarity, greater independence and orientation.
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Strategic Color Design for Health, Education, and Economic Benefit

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Strategic Color Design for Health, Education, and Economic Benefit

When people think about color, most think of how it makes something more attractive — a hat, a room, a building, a car. Even the simplest garden is more attractive when it has colorful flowers to counterbalance the greenery. The decorative nature of color can add beauty to the most dismal settings.

Colors for Health is not about any of that. Colors for Health is about using color strategically to help improve and secure the lives of aging, disabled, and patient populations. Because color used strategically can alleviate confusion and distress. Color used strategically can support patient mobility and independence. And color used strategically can help prevent accidents. All of which can, in turn, also help reduce medical incidents, contain costs, and increase lifestyle and healthcare satisfaction.

One of the less fortunate occurrences in aging, for example, is visual impairment. Couple that with the cognitive impairments inherent in Alzheimer’s disease and creating architectural environments that support independence and control for these vulnerable populations can obviously be a serious challenge. Colors for Health can help identify those challenges and provide actionable guidance to overcome them in real world senior living, health care, and home health situations.

Colors for Health is about purpose-driven outcomes, not just aesthetics, using evidence-based, scientifically-derived color, light, psychiatric, and medical data to provide solutions to serve our most vulnerable populations, as well as the caregivers, housing providers, and loved ones responsible for them.

In fact, Colors for Health benefits everyone in or using today’s healthcare system. By employing Colors for Health principles, patients will enjoy more independence and control over their daily lives. Families will have more peace of mind, knowing more measures are in place to protect their loved ones from accidents. And care staff will have more time to focus on those patients in most need of their help.

Whether you run an Assisted Living Residence, a Skilled Nursing Center, a Hospital, or an Architectural firm that serves the health care industry, Colors for Health can help make your environments healthier for your patients and your bottom line. We can even educate families on improving home settings for elderly loved ones. Call or email Colors for Health today.

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